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After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.



She was so glad to hear him laugh. Hibiya seemed extremely melancholic regarding Easter, and Akane wanted to cheer him up any way she could. Truthfully, her own family did not celebrate the holiday. Her father discouraged her talk of eggs and bunnies and hunts, insisting that she live a more traditional life. But Akane ignored him because she liked to have fun with her friends.

"You have to wear bunny ears, though. That’s the rule. Can you do it?"  

{{ ♕ }} — His melancholic mood seemed to fade like clouds after a storm with only a few short seconds with this star and her magenta atmosphere.

"You have to wear bunny ears, though. That’s the rule. Can you do it?"

With beautiful grace the elder raven knelt down upon one knee before her highness, discarding his crown giving full permission for the ebony coated dove to bestow upon him in such that he must have. 
"I am rather sure that i can" a snicker followed his words.

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          Manya chuckled softly as he stood there still in front of him with a smug grin tugging at his lips.The informant did nothing in particular, he just shrugged and continued staring at the prince, not really willing to answer his questions.


           ”Why not? It would be such a waste if you were to throw them away, don’t you think so, Hibiya?”

{{ ♕ }} — The royal watched every body movement this male gave off, and the vulgar language between the lines. As his cold hues stared upon the prince. Hibiya raised a brow to his last statement. “A waist you come to say? Wow you are such a fool..” 

The royal raised his blade holding it high above his skull. 
The eye was simple to remove.




{{ ♕ }} — “I hope everyone has a nice day i will mostly not be around anymore today..Oh and i suppose Happy Easter.”


"I hope you have a nice day, too, Onii-chan! I’ll share all the eggs I collect, OK? We can have a secret party for just princes and princesses. But don’t eat too much chocolate or you’ll get a tummy ache." 

{{ ♕ }} — The royal chuckled. How could he not with such a gentle being before him. Even with the hatred he bared for this retched day, he cherished Akane, and he wouldn’t shed a frown, nor bring down her good fun. “I would be most honored to attend  a party of royalty with you as my princess my dove” a smiled crept into his pale lips, and ivory cheeks. Before extending a gentle hand to ruffle her ebony locks.


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