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{{ ♕ }} — The young royal rolled his eyes. “How old are you anyways? Your quite a weirdo, and truthfully annoying. ” he choked a bit upon his own saliva at the other being’s last words. “Revolting vermin!”

[生かす]:Ikasu was certain that the prince took the words in a way that the cyborg didn’t mean. “There’s something wrong with not being in love with the food you eat?” he inquired.

{{ ♕ }} — “Your very sight is revolting. Your tone make’s me wish to vomit down your throat like a bird would it’s young. Sir, you make me sick.” panic was slowly setting in. This one was not inflicting harm upon him, not with words or fists. Why? Why? Digging his nails deeply into the side’s of his thights the young raven trembled. But it only came to seem like angered shakings.


[生かす]:Ikasu snickered along with him, tilting his head as he studies the other. “But why not give it a shot? Who said love has to be involved?”

{{ ♕ }} — The young royal rolled his eyes. “How old are you anyways? Your quite a weirdo, and truthfully annoying. ” he choked a bit upon his own saliva at the other being’s last words. “Revolting vermin!”

{{ ♕ }} — “I wanna set Izaya’s coat on fire…” he pondered as he mumbled to himself.



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resuscitatedred said

[生かす]:”Trash? You wound me, and here I thought I felt a connection.”

{{ ♕ }} — “I think your singal needs some major adjusting. I? Love you or anyone of that matter what a laguh…” he chuckled with humor filling the royal’s personal air.



"Something wrong, Prince Boy?"

{{ ♕ }} — “Quite actually. Your not begging at my feet, and that’s just not right.” he chuckled weakly with lacking care with in his accented tone.


"Should I beg…?" Roppi placed his palms onto the princes shoulders; "or worry over you?"

{{ ♕ }} — Tossing his head aside to avoid looking into crimson hues. “Why would you come to worry over me? I do not need one’s pity, nor do I need your fake worry Roppi!” he snapped.  A growle leaving the pit of his throat.

"Why don't you come on a date with me, darling?"

{{ ♕ }} — “Because it is not my job to take the trash out..”

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